Spiritual wedding

A ritual of love

Spiritual wedding ceremonies are ideal for couples who just want to declare their love and commitment to each other without the legality of a marriage license or for couples who want to get married prior to getting their wedding license. This unique approach to getting married in Cancun is a celebration of love that marks the beginning of your life together as you pledge to share your love, hopes, and dreams with each other.

Capturing those special moments can be nearly as important as the wedding itself. Hence, it is essential that a professional and experienced photographer is present throughout the celebration. After discussing with you the style and type of photographs you wish taken, we will organize for a professional photographer to be present on the days you wish. The photographer will also consult with you prior to the event to ensure that your expectations are met.


Many people choose to have a video done as well as the photographs. Our videographers are professionals and work in various formats from digital to VHS to DVD depending on your preferences.  We recommend DVD’s, they last longer and the clarity is the best. The choice is yours!

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